The Middle Way Mentoring masterclasses take place at University of Leicester’s CAMEo offices in Leicester on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

During our second year the masterclasses are open to the general public. Our timetable includes sessions for writers of all abilities working across different forms.

November: Liberation through Constraint with Tania Hershman

To have the endlessness of the white page stretching before you can be daunting, off-putting, even to the most experienced of writers. As a painter may have a frame around her canvas, imposing some kind of constraint can actually set your writing free. We will experiment with different ways to rein yourself in, from length to shape and content, finding the ones that work for you and allow you to say what you want to say in the way you want to say it.

December: Digital Marketing for Writers with Farhana Shaikh

With so many channels to market your work how do writers decide which ones to use? How do the various platforms work best and why should you use them, if you choose to use them at all?

This masterclass will introduce the various channels available, offer strategies on how best to manage them and share best practice.

January: The Literature Ecology and Making Your Way as an Artist with Melanie Abrahams

This masterclass will provide an overview of the literature sector, in particular focusing on the ecology and multiplicity of the artform and the various ways one can make a contribution and shape and define a career that you are passionate about. It will offer insights about, and practical tips on, sustaining a career as a writer and being freelance as well as a time for asking questions you’ve always wanted to know.

February: Finance and Funding for Writers with Farhana Shaikh

Applying for funding to finance your creative practice is becoming more and more important to sustain a writing career. In this session, Farhana Shaikh will discuss the different types of funding available, how to approach partners as well as share tips on making a successful application.

March: Everything you wanted to know about a literary agent (but were too afraid to ask) with Abi Fellows

Once you’ve finished your manuscript what happens next? How do you find a publisher and do you really need a literary agent?

In this exclusive masterclass, literary agent Abi Fellows will cover all the basics about the role of a literary agent in the publishing process. She will cover what an agent does, how they work with writers and what they look for from new writing.

Abi will provide lots of examples of writers and books sold and there’ll be plenty of time to ask questions.


Middle Way Mentoring masterclasses cost £10 per session and can be booked via Eventbrite.

For more information please contact Farhana via email on